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Best Free Windows 11 Driver Update Tools 8 + 15 Examples

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Right-click on the name of your graphics card intel download and then select the uninstall device option. First, you will have to uninstall and then reinstall graphics drivers on your device for troubleshooting. You may identify the source of the red error screen issue by starting your windows 10 in safe mode. Safe mode is essential if you need to troubleshoot your computer. With Safe Mode, Windows starts with a limited number of files and drivers that are necessary to start Windows. The process of selecting the appropriate driver for your graphics card is critical.

  • The graphics driver is crucial as it plays a significant role in ensuring reliable performance.
  • Sometimes some windows files are corrupt due to viruses or heavily damaged.
  • Checkmark “Include subfolders” for allowing the update wizard for finding the correct location for the .inf file.

Manually scanning through the old and unused drivers is a long and tiring process. The guys at ITBros have done a great job and created a PowerShell script to uninstall old and unused drivers automatically. Follow the instructions below to download and run the script. A Disk Cleanup window will open again with a list of all files you can delete to free up the C drive for some extra space.

Use the Windows Update Client

A PC with outdated drivers should be seen as a security disaster waiting to happen. The cheap price was achieved by cutting out non-critical modules, therefore DUMo will be a good match for casual users who just want to update their drivers from time to time. Driver Magician doesn’t have a Free version, only a 15-days trial.

You can go through device manager and uninstall each driver and then reinstall them, but your safest bet is to just reset the whole thing and start from scratch. Besides, Windows has several tools to automatically update its applications, and there are many real-time driver updaters out there which you can safely rely on. It is always better to uninstall Drivers Support software from Windows if you are looking forward to keeping your operating system clean and healthy. What you have to do is set a less-known flag to allow you to see non-present devices, and then launch device manager. You’ll then see the old devices in the list, and can uninstall the drivers for them. The good news is you can use a third-party tool to explore the Windows driver store and completely remove the old printer driver once for all.

Uninstall Drivers via the Settings App

This article will show you the three main methods for updating the graphics card drivers. Choose the method that suits you, but note that not every method is guaranteed to work. However, if you try to install drivers from a third-party source, you may face verification issues during the installation. Even when installing using the manufacturers driver manager, the installation can still sometimes fail due to faults with the driver manager tool itself.

Graphics driver for Creative Cloud apps

Lags, stutters, and FPS drops are some common issues that you might face if your PC isn’t good enough. Not only that, but your system could also heat up or unexpectedly shut down because of the heavy load being imposed on it. So to make sure all of this doesn’t happen to your PC, it is important to go through the System Requirements of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. As for the rest of the software, you can find the Overlay option in the General Settings. You can then proceed to turn them off to improve the performance of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. So here are all the solutions for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Crashing Issues, including the ‘game_ship.exe‘ and ‘scan and repair‘ errors on PC.

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